The Employee Life Cycle – Demystified

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Have you ever worked for an Organisation?

If yes, this is your story! This video attempts to demystify the 7 stages every employee goes through when he works for a Company. However, the most interesting discovery is that – ‘it is no different to LIFE.’ Going through the 7 stages of a job is similar to going through 7 stages of your life (till death). Here are the 7 stages described in the video: 

  1. Birth, which is equivalent to Recruitment
  2. School, which is equivalent to Induction
  3. Grading, which is equivalent to Performance Mgt. 
  4. University, which is equivalent to Development
  5. Career, which is equivalent to Talent Mgt. 
  6. Mid-life-Crisis, which is equivalent to Disengagement
  7. Death, which is equivalent to Resignation

I truly hope this piece of work will help you & friends better understand what stage you are in and plan your future better.

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