Personal Branding through internal Networking

in Conversation with Shaleena Mulchandani

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“Are you an internal Networker or a Brown Noser?”

When people think of networking, the first thought is usually online or with people outside of the organization. But what about internal networking? If you’ve never done it, you may be asking, “What is it?” and “How do I network internally?”

Networking is what we do every day when we talk, text, email, and meet new people to share information. While external networking helps us grow our connections to professionals outside of our organization, office networking not only helps individuals add people to their professional networks, it has the added benefit of increasing productivity and engagement inside a company.

In this episode I collaborate with Shaleena Mulchandani to talk about the nuances of internal networking, why should it be done, the role it plays within an organization, and your Career. Most importantly, the episodes share real Career stories and practical Strategies that listeners can implement right away to build their internal network and grow.

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