Middle-level Mangers

Career Growth for Middle Managers

in Conversation with Shaleena Mulchandani

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Middle Managers are sadly squeezed in the middle! The TOP Management keeps throwing new Targets at them, and the BOTTOM Management keeps throwing retention challenges at them. If this was not enough, the pyramid for Career growth for Middle Managers keeps getting slimmer as they grow.

In this episode, I collaborate with Shaleena, who is an experienced Regional Manager with an MNC & very passionate about Executive Development. She brings to life the challenges of Middle Managers & we flesh out strategies to solve their problems. The ultimate focus is on helping them grow in their Careers.

This episode is not focused on a specific solution but focuses on several Growth possibilities for Middle-Level Managers. We conclude this episode by giving away the listeners a ROADMAP that they can execute and become the CEO of their Careers.

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