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Live: Q&A with your Career Coach

Before I started Coaching Executives, I found a guinea pig to experiment with > my very own Career.
Here is the glimpse of me and Winnie tam in this live #questionsandanswers session with delegates from #hongkong #singapore #srilanka & #india, where I share my #personalstories & #career #growthstrategies.

Mastering Effective Communication with Aalok Gupta and Anshuman Tiwari

Listen in for tips and tricks to become a better communicator and speaking confidently.

Elevate Your Career Workshop

Learn the proven strategies to manage your manager/s. You’ll be shown how to navigate office politics, avoid dissent among co-workers and not become the victim of insidious situations

Covid-19 and its impact on business - An international (Hong Kong) perspective

Aalok discusses some of the differences in the way Hong Kong responded to COVID-19 and what that meant for businesses in the region.

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Top ways to show recognition at work

For the 9th edition of Minds at Work, we welcomed Aalok Gupta, Chief Learning Officer at LSF Global. He explained what are the top ways to show recognition at work and why it is so crucial.

Agile Digital Transformation

I talk about my experience of leading a large Digital Transformation from a Human Capital perspective. The good news, the fundamental principles of Managing Organization Transformation have not changed.

Mindfulness for Executives

A practice called Mindfulness is fast gaining momentum that might help you think differently. It can help you increase Work effectiveness, Productivity, Efficiency and even enhance your Leadership skills.

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