The Entrepreneur Journey

Learn How to Scale Your Business

The Entrepreneur Journey

The winding road of Pain/ Struggles/ Failures & how to navigate it Successfully.

Expecting your business to take off right away is like expecting your two-year-old to head off to college tomorrow. “You can’t give birth to adults,” explains Brian Smith, founder of Ugg. Rather, one of the keys to success is treating your business like baby. Just like an infant, your company needs constant attention at the beginning if you want it to be healthy and grow. As it gets older and you become more experienced as a Parent and Entrepreneur -your company, like your child, will begin to sustain itself. After working with 1000s of Businesses, we will share the patterns we discovered that demonstrate the stages every Business has to go through before it can sustain itself (overnight success is a myth).

Business Evolution

Evolution of business means its origin, growth, and continuous development with expansion in various sectors, that contribute and run economies. It is evident that, at every step of evolution; the business expands its scale of operations and also widens its modes of communication. This section informed the delegates about business evolution with real life examples and explained the three stages of a business: Start-up, Business and Enterprise.

The Entrepreneur Life Cycle

This section not only explained the different stages in the life cycle of an entrepreneur, but it also explained the emptions and feelings of an entrepreneur at each stage. How he feels, what he does and what actually should he do.

How to Reach Self Sustainability

When people think of a self-sufficient business, they most often envision one that does not need outside capital to operate. A financially self-sufficient business generates enough revenue in exchange for its products and services to cover all of its expenses, from payroll, to inventory, to rent and utilities.

How LSF can Help Entrepreneurs

Last but not the least, delegates were informed about the benefits what LSF can bring to them and how we can help them grow their businesses and get the maximum output.Staff Augmentation, Training and HR Outsourcing and Business coaching are few of the options with which LSF helps you get to your ultimate goals in the best possible ways, brining International best practices to your doorstep. You can always rely on us leaving all the unproductive tasks in the hands of our expert team members so that you can clearly focus on the actual productive tasks for your business. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the struggles/ pains of an Entrepreneurs
  • The different stages of Business evolution
  • The emotions & behaviours of the Entrepreneurs &
  • How he can navigate each stages successfully.

Who Should Enroll:

Business Owners, Founders, Co-founders, Entrepreneurs.

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