Strategic Articulation

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Strategic Articulation

Strategic Articulation is a Programme designed to equip Executives to deliver structured and effective conversations with Senior Stakeholders and become a Strategic Partner.

This programme will help understand the importance of structured strategic conversation and will enable you with the know-how, you will be able to express yourself more clearly and make a better impact in both your professional & personal conversations.

Building Foundations

Evolution of business means its origin, growth, and continuous development with expansion in various sectors, that contribute and run economies. It is evident that, at every step of evolution; the business expands its scale of operations and also widens its modes of communication. This section informed the delegates about business evolution with real life examples and explained the three stages of a business: Start-up, Business and Enterprise.

Thinking Tools

Thinking is the first and most important part of communication which begins even before we start communicating. In this section the delegates were empowered with the tools to help think strategically. In order to make it fun learning & easy to remember, a group activity was conducted to keep the audience involved in the discussions. 

Speaking Tools

This section focused on the most important & crucial part of the communication process – Speaking. Delegates were empowered with the tools which can help them talk strategically. Delegates learned the think-feel-know personalities and how it is relevant in strategic communication. A group activity was also conducted for better understanding of the concept of long run retention of the thought. 

Executing Tools

This section was intended to conclude the strategic communication process by relating the thinking & speaking activities covered earlier in the session. Importance of Listening skills was highlighted for effective & strategic communication process. Steps of communication were explained with the help of a 5 step process PEPSI. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to talk to Senior Management in a structured & effective way.
  • Learn how to structure your thoughts before communicating.
  • Role of Context vs. Content and how to stay focused.
  • Learn a framework to have an effective meeting.
  • Develop a personal development plan

Who Should Enroll:

Executives who interact with multiple Stakeholders or anyone who wants to master the art of Communication

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