Personal Branding

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Personal Branding

This was an development initiative, open to all company employees. The Topic was selected after internal survey and brainstorming by the project leaders.

We had to consider the time in relation to realistic outcomes. Quite a lot of content was to be covered, we focused on crisp messages with effectiveness. Engaging the learners was a priority. Interactivity and experiential techniques were used. To weave a good experience, we tailored the program (all our programs can be tailored from 1 week to 1 day or even 1 hour).

What is Personal Branding

Personal branding is the ongoing process of establishing a prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual. This section focused on what is Personal Branding and introduced the elements of Personal Branding to the delegates.

Why Does it Matter

Delegates were made aware about the Importance of Personal Branding in professional growth and how it can help in finding your true self. With the help of personal branding you can develop strategic thinking and deliver more value to what you do as a result of defining your specialization. In order to make it fun learning & easy to remember, benefits were explained and interactive questions were asked to keep the audience involved in the discussions.

How to develop your Personal Brand

After knowing what is Personal Branding and why it matters, it is important to understand how you can develop your personal brand. This section focused on key attributes to develop a personal brand. Delegates were asked to rate themselves on the attributes explained to help them understand where they stand now and what they need to do to further develop their personal brand.

Adapting your Brand to Business Situations

Delegates were empowered with the Tools which can help in adapting their personal band to business situations. Small activities were conducted to make it an interactive learning session where delegates were asked to share their top techniques with their partners in the group. Finally a recap of the entire session helped them retain what they learned throughout the session.

Key Takeaways:

  • We leveraged on our Experiences & Research to create the final workshop based on our value of being Customer Centric & Agile.
  • The 12 Outlines shared helped the team brain storm and come up with the most preferred solution.

Who Should Enroll:

Open to all Company Executives. Anyone who want to understand Personal Branding and make use of it in their personal & professional development.

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