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Whether you have just joined the Bank or you are a Senior Leader looking for you next promotion, dealing with Office Politics, Gatekeepers & Unconscious Bias remains inevitable.

Question remains, how much TIME & RESOURCES have you invested in learning how to hack these bottlenecks standing between you & your next jump? Well, you are not too late! In this workshop, you have an opportunity to learn from the experiences of a former Head of HRD, who now Coaches Executives to thrive in the Corporate Jungle.

Office Politics

Office Politics is something we can find in almost any organisation, it is hard to find someone who has not experienced office politics in their career. This section created awareness in the delegates about what is office politics. They were empowered with the methodology to understand the office politics in a positive and entertaining manner. 

Boss Management

With the help of storytelling, the facilitator helped delegates understand what Boss management is all about and how they can improve their work life. They were educated about Perception, it’s impacts and Performance Management. What kind of biases affect our perception and performance and how to manage those biases.

Promotion Formula

In this section, delegates were empowered with not only the knowledge about how they can get a promotion, but they were also given a practical formula to manage their performance and with the help of which they can work on those practical aspects which help them get promotions. 

How you can Continue to Grow

This section focused on explaining the delegates how they can continue to grow in their careers. It focused on two simple aspects: first, invest in training yourself to keep learning new things, second, keep looking for a coach who can help you identify what is best  for your future. This will help you keep your saw sharpen enough to be ahead of others. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealing with Office Politics (learn how not to become a VICTIM of situations)
  • Managing your Manager/s (you may not need this, if you are amongst the minority, who chose their BOSS)
  • The secret Growth Formula (just performance is not enough, discover the other growth catalysts)

Who Should Enroll:

Executives and Managers who don’t want to survive but THRIVE in their Careers

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