Traditional vs. Future Jobs

Engineer or Doctor? Data Augmentation Scientists or Gig worker? The 4th revolution is not coming but already here! Is our young generation ready for the future of work? Most importantly, are they even preparing for the skills needed for the Traditional jobs in the future.   In my experience (after working with 100s of Millennial

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Future of Work

AI, Big Data, Machine learning, Robotics, Bots, Automation… these may seem buzz words but they are disrupting the way we work & live, all around us. Most importantly are you ready for what’s coming? “Did you know, Globally, digital disruption is shaving 45% off incumbent companies’ revenue growth and 35% off their earnings before interest

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“My Job Sucks!,’’ shouted a sulking David while taking a sip of tequila. How many times of you heard that phrase? Well, I have experienced that complaining about your Job has become one of the most common topics in offices (around the world). Whether you are in the bar with a colleague, or the water cooler…

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