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Aalok Gupta is a growth strategist, thought leader and global keynote speaker on Business & Human Resources (HR), a fanatic who is driven to unravel the hidden potential of Human Capital. Through his compelling speeches, provocative workshops and valuable consulting, Aalok demonstrates how People are the greatest off-balance sheet asset any organization possesses, large or small, public or private. He is a popular speaker and delivers over 30 global keynotes a year explaining strategies to unravel the hidden potential of Human Capital, and the art and science of investing in them. He is a Partner with of LSF Global Limited, a consulting firm that advises top global leaders and boards of corporations, associations and academic forums on disruptive strategies to fuel their growth. He has worked with leading global companies such as HSBC, Schneider Electric, American Express and more.

As a speaker, Aalok examines organizations cultures, change management, digital transformations and adaptive innovation. His keynotes have been heard at top industry summits like Talent Management Asia, Training & Development Asia, Big Data & Analytics Summit and Cloud Expo. In addition to his speaking, coaching and consulting, Aalok has inspired teachers & students at the HKU, CityU, PoluU, CUHK and HKUST. He serves as the lead independent director on the board of 3 privately held firms. Aalok is involved with the development of young Talent through Junior Achievement, Vocational Training and Ethnic Minorities. A native of India, Aalok came to the Hong Kong as the Head of HR for HSBC and served the APAC region for a decade in 3 different capacities. Before that he lead businesses for 15 years as a Banker, Hotelier & Consultant. He has also lived in Singapore for 7 years and completed his Master’s in International Business Administration and a Bachelor of Technology.

Keynotes & Moderations

As a International Speaker, he has done speeches and presentations to a huge range of audience (from 10 to 100s) and inspired 1000s through his Sessions. His Speaking abilities have also been recognized Globally with over 13 Speaking Awards and he also served as the HSBC Speaking Club Mentor for over 2 years.

His Keynotes focus

Aalok brings a variety of Business & Personal outcomes to Life with real stories from his 5 Career Reinventions such as, which includes but not limited to the following:

  • For Executives: Career Growth, Personal Development, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership, Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship, Work Relationships, Passion, Purpose, Culture…
  • For Senior Leaders: Digital Transformation, Work Cultures, Business Strategies, Change Management, Sales Organizations, Talent Strategies…
  • His Moderations: bring a unique element of Audience engagement & guaranteed but practical takeaways.

Experience & Expertise

Aalok is a former Banker & HRD Head. He led Businesses for fifteen years (with MNCs like American Express) before he transitioned into Human Resources Development (HRD) as the Asia Pacific Head (for HSBC) over the next decade. This unique experience gives him the commercial depth to understand STRATEGIES & the HR tools to translate them into people SOLUTIONS. As a Practitioner, he is a certified Executive Coach, C-Suite Facilitator, Business Strategist & Keynote Speaker.

Professionally, Aalok has successfully REINVENTED himself 5 times as a:
1. HOTELIER, learned the value of Relationships
2. CONSULTANT, optimized costs for Enterprises
3. BANKER, provided Companies financing solutions
4. HR-PRO, mastered the Human Potential Science
5. COACH/ SPEAKER, enables Businesses & People to Transform

Geographically, Aalok has worked with multi-cultural teams by:
• COACHING & Training over 64 Nationalities
• TRANSFORMING over 14 Business Units
• DEVELOPING over 25,000 People

Aalok's Unique Value

Aalok brings a unique value to the table, his expertise spans across a significant number of different subject areas. Which enables him to draw upon complex bodies of knowledge to solve specific problems. He is popular as the Polymath for Business & HR.

This arguably is the same value that a:

  • CEO Should bring to a business or a
  • DEAN needs to bring to a University or a
  • DOCTOR must bring to his patients.
his story of becoming a polymath for business hr

The shift of reinventing a Career 5 times may seem jarring to outsiders, but to Aalok it was logical. He successfully crafted his Career from being a Hotelier to a Consultant, Banker, HR Head & now an Entrepreneur over the last two & a half decades.

Aalok was leading Businesses for over 15 years, this forced him to Master Leadership, Negotiation, Sales, Influencing, Presentations, Relationships or shall we say every competency around running a Business, just like a CEO should.

Over the next decade, Aalok was Heading Human Resources Development Globally, this enabled him to Master the science of human potential by leading initiatives like Change Management, Digital Transformation, Employee Engagement, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence or shall we say every aspect of Developing Human Potential, just like a Dean of a University should.

Hence, a Business & HR Polymath was born.

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Personal Branding Workshop

Aug 27, 2018

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Business Planning Workshop

Sep 12, 2018

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