A True Story of finding Hidden Potential

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We all have strengths and we all have limitations! But sometimes, our limitations become like a closed door which we stare so long that we forget to see the open doors (of opportunities) in front of us. This video attempts to demonstrate such an open door and tries to highlight the problem of suicides amongst young adults. It ends with the possibility to prevent it by identifying your True Talent and once you leverage that, the sky is the limit.

I have gone through similar challenges himself in school and work and had to reinvent himself 4 times before he finally found my ‘True Talent.’ I hope this message can help you or a somewhere you care about find their True Talent.

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As a International Speaker, he has done speeches and presentations to a huge range of audience (from 10 to 100s) and inspired 1000s through his Sessions. His Speaking abilities have also been recognized Globally with over 13 Speaking Awards and he also served as the HSBC Speaking Club Mentor for over 2 years.


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